Release Notes

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ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.5

Release Date: November 11, 2009
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient Letters
    • Referring Physician information is now available in patient letters.
  • UPDATED – Scanned Documents
    • The scanned document wizard now denotes Document for what was previously Greyscale, and Image for what was previously Color.
  • UPDATED – Reports
    • Reports now support Null as a valid value.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • UPDATED - Front Desk – When closing a patient the Front Desk window is now maximized.
  • UPDATED - Patient Comments Editor
    • Show History now prompts the user to save changes if changes have not been saved when the button is clicked.
  • UPDATED - Subjective
    • Complaint – Related regions for Right and Left Mid thigh have been updated and now correctly list the selected region.
    • Patient Comments – Clearing the patient comments now prompts the user to confirm the action.
  • UPDATED - Objective
    • Subluxations – Right Superior: This subluxation now correctly generates when other selections are made as well.
    • Sensory Exam – The last letter of the Providers name is not always made lowercase to accommodate provider names followed by credentials.
    • Patient Comments – Clearing the patient comments now prompts the user to confirm the action.
  • UPDATED - Range of Motion : Additional functionality has been added to this form to refresh all controls on the form.
  • UPDATED – Tools > Customize:
    • Assessment - Current Progress
      • User can now change the name of Progress listings and clone existing listings.
    • Plan - Modalities
      • A field has been added to store a CPT code to allow the user to enter a CPT code to be generated into the SOAP note.
  • NEW FEATURE – Note Generation
    • CPT code now prints for a modality if one is entered for the modality in customizations.
  • UPDATED – Procedure Catalog
    • SmartPointer AI
      • Multiple DX series are now supported.
      • The Rules list is now disabled when adding or editing existing rules.
      • The New/Edit Rule frame is not correctly cleared and information does not persist after a rule is saved.
  • NEW FEATURE – Phone Log
    • Printing: An option has been added to allow the user to Print by category and By Date to allow the user to have the print out match what is displayed on the screen.
  • UPDATED – Claim Printing – NYC4: Updated the print routine for Balance, Amount Due, and Paid to ensure the correct amounts are printed.
ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.4

Release Date: August 11, 2009
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • UPDATED – New Patient : Referral Types – Fixed an issue that would shutdown the program if a user would try to add a new referral type when adding a new patient.
  • UPDATED – Patient Information – Scanned Documents – TWAIN support:
    • Added logging and TWAIN specific error handling to assist in resolving scanner issues.
    • Added additional functionality to ensure TWAIN devices are disconnected after use.
  • NEW FEATURE – Tools > Catalogs > User Security: This is now an option for all users who have permission to access User Security.
  • NEW FEATURE – Report Printing : The User ID of who printed a report is now displayed in the footer of all reports.
  • NEW FEATURE – User Security: Added a Provider ID field to allow users to be related to Providers in the catalog to allow for automatic provider specific billing. This is used with the ChiroPad Plan Macro in ChiroOffice.
  • NEW FEATURE – Manuals: Manuals are now available from the Help menu in both ChiroPad and ChiroOffice.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient DX Sets: The DX Date Chooser is now available for the New and Clone Functions.
  • NEW FEATURE – Subjective and Objective – Patient Comments
    • An edit button has been added to the prior tab to allow for prior comments to be edited.
    • Patient Comments Editor:
      • This tool allows the user to edit patient comments, date of comment, and comment status.
      • Allows user to view history of changes to a specific comment. All changes made to the comment are tracked including which user made the change.
  • NEW FEATURE – Plan
    • The Window Wiper functionality from the Objective window has been duplicated on the Plan window to allow for clearing the current plan with one click.
  • NEW FEATURE – Documents Window > Narratives tab: Users are now able to to edit narrative data, time and category by right clicking the Narrative in the listing and selecting properties.
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient Health History Note Generation: Lead in verbiage for the Exercise, Smoking, and Alcohol sections are now randomized.
  • UPDATED – Work Restriction Report: The Delete button is now enabled
  • UPDATED – Diagnostic Imaging Report
    • Additional Notes: This field has been expanded to allow for a large amount of text.
    • Prescribing Doctors: Only active providers are listed.
    • New Exam Preview: Drag Drop is now supported.
  • UPDATED – Muscle Test Exam
    • Additional Notes: This field has been expanded to allow for a large amount of text.
    • Examiners: Only active providers are listed.
  • UPDATED – Sensory Test Exam
    • Additional Notes: This field has been expanded to allow for a large amount of text.
    • Dermatome and Specific Nerve Findings – Generation of AMA Grade 1: When making this selection, findings are no longer improperly listed as abnormal.
    • Examiners: Only active providers are listed.
    • The Paresthesia listing has been merged with the Sensation listing available to Subject Complaint related detail sets.
    • The Sensory Test Customization tool has been modified to incorporate this change.
  • UPDATED – Patient Family History – Family Illnesses is now sorted alphabetically
  • UPDATED – Tools > Settings > Auto Open: The default status has been removed from this tab as this setting is now automatically stored based on the user selection on the FrontDesk window.
  • NEW FEATURE – Post Insurance
    • Continue Posting checkbox has been added to allow the user to post multiple items without having to reload the psot insurance window. This simply refreshes the claims display after payments, transfers, and write-offs have been posted. This option is stored so it is not necessary to set it each time the Post Insurance window is opened.
    • Global Posting
      • When any of the posting fields are selected by the user, if the amount is 0.00, the field is cleared and no longer requires the user to clear the field before making an entry.
    • Line Item Posting
      • Open Claims Tab:
        • User can now edit the CoPay directly on the LIP view.
      • Closed Claims Tab:
        • Paid, Refused, and WriteOff columns are now populated and read only.
  • NEW FEATURE – Insurance Policies
    • Subscriber Tab
      • A field has been added to store Other Insured’s Name for Box 9. This field overrides whatever is listed in the subscriber section and allows the user to control what goes into box 9.
    • CMS Tab
      • The Medicare/Medicaid section has been renamed to Reserved for Local Use (Box19).
      • The Subluxations field has been renamed to Text and the max length of this field has been increased from 20 to 100 characters.
      • The Resub Code, Orig Ref No, and Prior Auth fields have been moved out of the Reserved for Local Use (Box 19) section.
  • NEW FEATURE – Claim Printing – New York C4: Added support for the printed New York C-4.2 (10-08) form.
  • NEW FEATURE – Tools
    • Catalogs > Procedures
      • SmartPointer AI tab: This tab has been added to allow the user to setup the SmartPointer AI sub system to allow for automatic DX pointing on the transaction screen.
    • Reports
      • Transaction Recap Report – The Patient Middle initial has been added to the patient’s name.
      • Services By CPT – An option has been added to filter this report by carrier.
    • Preferences > Transactions
      • Options have been added for the SmartPointer AI subsystem to allow the user to control how automatic pointing will occur.
  • NEW FEATURE – Transaction Ledger: Users can now print receipts direct from the ledger without having to open the receipt first. This is done by right clicking the desired receipt and clicking Print Receipt.
  • NEW FEATURE – Transactions
    • New
      • Future dated transactions can no longer be entered.
    • Edit
      • The transactions permissions have been further developed into 3 separate permissions, Edit, Edit Previous Cycle, and Delete.
      • Discounts, Payments, On-Demand Macros, and the SALT button have all been disabled when a receipt is locked due to a patient signature.
    • Auto Provider Billing is now enabled when the ChiroPad Plan Macro is used.
    • SmartPointer AI Integration is now enabled for automatic diagnosis pointing.
    • Receipt Printing: DX info is now determined based on the receipt date and not the most current DX set.
    • On-Demand Macros are now selectable by double left clicking the desired macro.
    • A signature capture device is no longer required to process credit/debit transactions through XCharge.
  • UPDATED – Claim Printing
    • CMS-1500, Internet Disk Image
      • Enabled the following options for all carriers
        • Print N/A Fields
        • Disable Printing in Box 32a/b
    • NY C4 4.0 and 4.2
      • SSN now prints correctly.
  • UPDATED – Claim Audit Process: The claim audit process now considers if a claim is assigned or not.
ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.3

Release Date: February 5, 2009
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient Information: Scanned Documents – Added ‘Scanning Device’ option to allow the user to see what scanning device is currently selected and the ability to change what device should be used for scanning.
  • NEW FEATURE – SmartSelect Query Builder – The NextVisitDate option is now available wherever SmartSelect is used in the software.
  • UPDATED – MIA Report – The SmartDate is now enabled for this report to allow the user to run the report for a given date range.
  • NEW FEATURE – FrontDesk – Modified the display of the Scheduled and Signed In lists to display the patient’s middle initial.
  • UPDATED – Internal Database Design – The backend database has been optimized with over 20 enhancements to increase performance throughout the software.
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient Diagnosis
    • Added the DX Date Chooser to prompt the user for a specific date to be used when creating or cloning a DX Set, options include: Admit Date, Current Date, First date of service missing a DX Set, or Custom. The user also has the option of specifying a Time for the DX set as well.
    • An option has been added to the Diagnosis screen to allow the user to use the DX Date Chooser or not to use it.
    • At least one Diagnosis is now required to save a DX set.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • NEW FEATURE – Ortho/Neuro Customization Tool : The Test window now includes a field for Full Description.
  • UPDATED – Plan Window: Inactive regions no longer display in the region listing.
  • NEW FEATURE – ROM Exam Window: The exam date control has been replaced with a SmartDate control to allow the user to modify the date of the exam in support of backdating.
  • NEW FEATURE – Ortho/Neuro Exam Window: The exam date control has been replaced with a SmartDate control to allow the user to modify the date of the exam in support of backdating.
  • UPDATED – Narrative Note Generation:
    • All information on the Auto Accident Form now generates into the Narrative Report.
  • NEW FEATURE – Integration with X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software:
    • Eliminate standalone credit card terminals.
    • Turn your PC into a high speed credit card terminal.
    • Interfaced with Topaz Signature pad for a complete paperless checkout.
    • Supports Credit, Debit, and Gift Card payments and returns.
    • Immediate status feedback to allow user to handle declines without hassle.
    • User permissions allow or restrict users to use X-Charge.
  • NEW FEATURE – Settings >> Preferences
    • All Transaction related settings have been moved to a separate Transactions section
    • X-Charge settings have been added for X-Charge Security, Application Path and notification settings.
  • NEW FEATURE Catalogs:
    • Insurance Carriers – Claim Options
      • A text field has been added to store the Carrier Code Number in support of the New York C4 4.0 (10-08) form.
      • An option has been added for Box 32 to print the provider or clinic taxonomy.
      • Options have been added for Box 29 to allow the user to decide how Box 29 should be calculated.
    • Insurance Carriers – Medicare
      • The deductibles tab is now available.
      • The Medicare Patients and Deductibles list not auto load eliminating the need for the user to click a button to display the information.
    • Providers
      • Fields have been added to store the provider, clinic, and alternate facility taxonomy code and qualifier.
  • NEW FEATURE – Support for New York C4 4.0 (10-08)
    • This new form is now supported by ChiroOffice.
    • The form is not required to be printed prior to printing as it is embedded in the software and is filled in automatically from a PDF file.
    • The NY C4 tab in the Insurance Policies window has bee moved to its own form to accommodate the new fields required by the 10-08 version of the C4.
  • NEW FEATURE – Claim Creation
    • Pre-Billing now run as part of the Claim Creation process to ensure that is not possible to bill transactions and create claims with missing information.
  • NEW FEATURE – Transaction Receipt Printing
    • A new receipt template has been implemented to support all the new information for processed credit cards. If the existing template has been customized, the new template must also be customized.
ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.2

Release Date: November 10, 2008
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • NEW FEATURE - SmartSelect Query Builder now has a new field for Next Visit Date under the Visit Information folder.
  • UPDATED - User Preferences: Printer Settings – A save button has been added to allow the user to save printer specific settings.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient General Information: When adding a new patient, the referral types catalog is now available.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • NEW FEATURE - Subjective Window:
    1. Posterior Body View – Regions for left and right Armpit have been added to this view.
    2. Anterior Body View – Regions for left and right Temple have been added to this view.
    3. Complaints Detail : Related Regions Ordering – The related regions are now ordered in the sequence that the user selects each region. This same order is maintained into the generated note.
  • UPDATED - Assessment Window:
    1. Typewritten Assessment – A vertical scrollbar has been added to this control.
  • NEW FEATURE – Patient Health History Window: This form has been redesigned to be more user friendly and allow for greater ease of use.
      Prior Symptoms, Previous Accidents, Prior Illnesses, and Prior Surgeries:
    • These sections now display in a single grid format and it is no longer necessary to click a date to view the description. This new design allows for a “quick look” without having to spend time on extra clicks.
    • A button has been placed on the form to make adding a new item to any of these sections simple. The new entry form gives the user a date control which to easily specify the date as well as an option to exclude the date from being entered.
    • A button has been added to allow the user to remove an item from any of these sections.
  • UPDATED - SOAP Note Generation:
      Diagnostic Imaging Report
    • Health History is now generated into the SOAP note on the day it was entered.
    • Subjective : Multiple Complaint Detail Sets now generate correctly.
  • NEW FEATURE - Narrative Report Generation:
    • Health History: Generation of this section has been modified to support items without dates.
  • UPDATED – Insurance Carrier Catalog:
    • Insurance carriers now have individual settings for claim options and Medicare Settings.
    • All Medicare settings have been moved to a Medicare tab in the catalog itself.
    • All Claim options from the More Options button have been moved to a Claim Options tab in the catalog itself.
    • Global Claim options from Preferences have also been moved to this tab.
    • Both the Claim Options tab and the Medicare tab have a button to easily copy settings to other carriers in the system. This button is not available while changes are being made. After changes are saved, the button is re-enabled.
    • Per the NUCC guidelines the default font for the CMS-1500(08-05) form is now set to Arial, Size 10.
    • The font setting’s tab is now fully functional for the CMS-1500(08-05) form.
  • UPDATED – Claim Printing:
    • The Provider ID of the patient’s current provider is now stored in the claim and persists even if the patient’s Provider changes.
    • Date settings from the carrier catalog have now been enabled.
ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.1

Release Date: July 7, 2008
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • NEW FEATURE - SQLExec Query Tool: Multiple queries may now be processed simultaneously. This requires that each query be separated by a semicolon (;).
  • UPDATED - Appointment Book: Move Appointment: This feature has been modified to include a permission to allow overbooking a timeslot. Please contact your system administrator to enable this permission.
  • NEW FEATURE - SmartPad User Defined Fields: This process has been modified to display custom captions for user defined fields if custom captions have been setup. The merge field does not reflect this change.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • UPDATED - Subjective Window:
    1. Patient Comments is now titled Comments.
    2. The Comments field now supports drag and drop operations.
  • UPDATED - Objective Window:
    1. Additional Information has been added to allow for documentation of other information that is not detailed in the Objective window. This field also support drag and drop operations.
  • UPDATED - Documents Window:
      New Tab:
    1. Added options to Force Objective Additional Info and Suppress Objective Additional Info. The force option will always generate the most recently added additional information. The suppress option will always hide the information even if entered on the day the SOAP note is generated.
  • UPDATED - Tools > Customizations:
      Diagnostic Imaging Report
    1. DIR Findings: A blank selection has been added to the Extended Detail Sets selection to allow the user to deselect an Extended Detail set if one was accidentally selected.
  • NEW FEATURE - SOAP & Narrative Report Generation:
    1. Range Of Motion Sort Order: This preference is enabled under Tools > Settings > SOAP Notes. To setup the order, simply drag and drop items up or down to the desired location.
  • NEW FEATURE - SigGem Color Support has been added. This new signature pad offers twice the resolution than the previous model. This new model now displays the current charges along with the transaction information.
  • Patient Transactions:
    1. NEW FEATURE - A merge field for the signature pad message in preferences has been added titled < SigPad Message>.
    2. NEW FEATURE - CPT Dupe Check Preference: This new preference allows the user to enable or disable the duplicate CPT check with an option to check for duplicate CPTs with duplicate modifiers.
  • Tools
      Settings > Preferences
    1. NEW FEATURE - All transaction related settings have been moved to a Transaction section.
      Reports > Financial Statistics
    1. NEW FEATURE - An option has been added to show or hide the Total Summary for all transactions in the system. This setting is stored so it is not necessary to keep resetting it.
    1. Appointment Template
      • NEW FEATURE - The Provider ID of the selected provider now displays to the right of the provider selection.
    2. Insurance Carriers
        CMS Tab > More Options
      • UPDATED - The Claim Reprint and Box 1A options have been modified to allow for multiple selections to be made for greater flexibility of these options.
    3. Procedures
      • NEW FEATURE - Procedure Units: This has been added for Services and Products to allow the user to specify a default for units per procedure.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Phone Log Printing by Category: An option has been added to allow the sure to select which categories to print with the default being set to all categories. The current sort is now by category alphabetically and then by date.
ChiroSuite EHR Version 14.0

Release Date: May 27, 2008
ChiroSuite EHR:
  • NEW FEATURE - Updated database architecture using Microsoft Access 2003.
  • NEW FEATURE - Appointment Book: Schedule Patient: Users can now schedule patient appointments without having to first open the patient's account. This new option is available through the right button click of the mouse when the mouse is hovered over the time of the desired appointment.
  • NEW FEATURE - Appointment Book: Move Appointment: This feature replaces the pop menu item Move to new time or provider for today. This new functionality makes use of the new IntelliSchedule® Appointment Scheduler giving the user complete control over an appointment. This smart design employs AI algorithms to only display appointments with adequate available slots for the appointment being moved. As well, detection of what days the selected provider sees patients is done to ensure that appointments are not scheduled when a provider does not see patients. This includes blackout periods.
  • NEW FEATURE - Front Desk Scheduled and Signed-In Lists
    1. The account type is now displayed in each list with the ability to sort the list by account type.
  • NEW FEATURE - Preferences: General:
    1. The account type is now displayed in each list with the ability to sort the list by account type.
    2. An option has been added to re-enable progress note verification after it has been disabled.
    3. An option has been added for the Front Desk Chart Number Search Functionality to all the user to choose how the search should be done with the following options:
      • Anywhere in the chart
      • Where the chart begins with
      • Where the chart ends with
      • Where the chart is equal
    4. Added Ignore Patient Info Demographic Verification in ChiroPad option to only require Account Type, Provider, First Name, Last Name and Sex.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient General Title Verification:
    1. Added Do not show this message in the future to allow the user to choose to see or not to see this verification message.
  • UPDATED - Patient General Referral Sources:
    1. The list of referrals now automatically refreshes after an edit to the list of referral sources.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Statement and Late Notice Tracking: A log is now created in Patient Letters to track when statements and/or late notices are sent. The due date and due amount are also added to the log.
  • NEW FEATURE - SOAP Note Batch Printing:
    1. A progress bar has been added to the bottom of the window to display the progress to the user.
    2. Additional error handling has been implemented to help guide the user when clicking the 'Edit' button.
    3. All buttons are disabled during the Export or Printing processes.
    4. A confirmation message has been added for the export and print functions to confirm with the user when all notes are selected to be exported or printed.
    5. The selected notes count is now displayed above the list of notes.
  • NEW FEATURE - SmartPad Merge Fields: The following merge fields are now available -
    1. Employer Contact - If this field is used and there is no contact on file, the system defaults the merged text to 'Employer'.
    2. Provider NPI
    3. Provider Clinic NPI
  • UPDATED - Tools > Reports:
    1. Missing Progress Notes Report - this report has been revised and now correctly displays all Dates of Service (DOS) that do not have corresponding SOAP notes per the selection criteria.
    2. The Avery label type for printing labels has been changed from 5690 to 5960 on all forms with an option to print labels.
    3. Income Referral Report - this report has been updated to eliminate instances where only Patient Referrals would display.
ChiroPad EMR:
  • NEW FEATURE - Enhanced Documentation Engine: The SOAP and Narrative generation have been rewritten to produce SOAP notes and Narratives with better randomization and decreased generation time.
  • NEW FEATURE - Complaint Status Speed Update: Updates the status of all complaints with the click of one button. If a complaint has a status of 'No SmarText' its status is not updated.
  • NEW FEATURE - Last Note Generated: The subjective and documents windows now display the date and time the last note was generated for the patient.
  • NEW FEATURE - Spirometer Lung Vital Capacity Exam: This exam has been added to the Physical Examinations form to capture pre and post adjustment findings.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Health History:
    1. Usual childhood diseases has been renamed to Past diseases.
    2. Added Medications - Past to allow user to store past medications for a patient.
    3. Added 200 most common prescription drugs to Medications lists.
    4. Past Diseases (Previously titled Childhood Diseases) - Added 17 common ailments.
    5. Alcohol - Added 4 items.
    6. Exercise - Added 7 items.
    7. Smoking - Added 6 items.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Exams - Range Of Motion: Added Hip ROM Table
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Visual Analog Pain Scale (VAS) - A History tab has been added to view previous pain scale results.
  • UPDATED - Patient Exams - Range Of Motions: added normal values for Ankle, Knee, and Toe ROM Tables.
  • UPDATED - Work Injury Form - Falling Tab:
    1. What body part of patient was impacted first? and Other body parts affected are now enabled.
    2. ** NEW ** Added checklist Patient Landed On.
    3. ** NEW ** Added Describe Additional Details text box to store other relevant information about the fall.
  • UPDATED - SOAP Note Generation
    1. Subjective: Patient comments now generate only if entered the same day the note is generated.
    2. ** NEW ** Assessment and Plan: The {Patient} merge field is now supported for verbiage to be generated in the Assessment and Plan sections of the SOAP note.
    3. DIR Generation: All DIR reports created the same day the note is generated now generate into the SOAP note.
  • UPDATED - SOAP Note Save Process: This process has been optimized for efficiency.
  • UPDATED - Default Initials: This process has been updated to eliminate instances where the default initials would not load or save properly.
  • UPDATED - Objective Window:
    1. The New Font Help button has been removed as its functionality is now handled by ChiroPad internally.
    2. Modified the selections of Subluxations, Fixations, and Adjustment Techniques for proper functionality between the three selections.
    3. Additional verbiage for each Subluxation listing for Occiput, Left Ilium, Right Ilium, Sacrum, and Coccyx has been added.
  • UPDATED - Detail Sets for Subjective Complaints:
    1. The selection of Frequency, Severity, and Location is now limited to a single selection within each category.
    2. Aggravating and Relieving factors are now sorted alphabetically.
  • UPDATED - Chiro for the Pocket PC Integration: Any related functionality for Chiro has been removed from this version.
  • UPDATED - Patient Letters: This function has been changed to eliminate instances where a program error would occur and not generate a letter.
  • UPDATED - Tools > Customizations:
    1. A processing window has been added to let the user know that work is being done in the background after making changes to customizations.
    2. The following customization tools have been rewritten for the new database:
      1. Subjective > Complaints
      2. Assessment > Pre-existing Contributions, Condition Status, Current Progress, and Resulting From Lead In's
      3. Plan > Modalities, Regions, Visit Status, and Templates (accessed through the previously listed windows)
    3. Objective - Spinal Examinations - Subluxations: Modified this window to properly load verbiage for all items and eliminate instances where the verbiage did not load correctly.
    4. Muscle Test Muscle Customization has been redesigned.
    5. Diagnostic Imaging Report
      • ** NEW ** DIR Views: The user now has the ability to add new or edit existing views for use in the DIR window.
      • ** NEW **DIR Regions: The user now has the ability to add new or edit existing regions for use in the DIR window.
      • ** NEW ** DIR Findings: Added the following:
        • Normal
        • 13 Non Spinal findings
        • 5 spinal findings
  • UPDATED - Narrative Report Generation:
    1. This function has been modified to include the following items from the Health History form:
      • Past Surgeries tab
        • Last Physician
        • Last Chiropractor
      • Past Illnesses tab
        • Exercise
        • Smoking
        • Alcohol
        • Medications - Past
    2. Work Restriction reports now properly print into Narrative reports.
    3. Referring Physician information now correctly populates into narratives. This requires that the referring physician information is set in the patient's insurance policy by clicking the 'Add' button in the Referring Physician section.
    4. Added support for Exam Type Initial/Current merge field.
    5. Added Support for Work Injury - Fall fields
  • UPDATED - Documents Window:
    1. Removed the Note Options button and note options are now always visible.
    2. An option has been added to Force Patient Comments. This will generate the patient comments into the SOAP note even if the patient comments were entered in the past.
  • UPDATED - Subjective Window:
    1. Previous patient comments no longer load into the current tab.
  • NEW FEATURE - Procedure Catalog: Treatment Plans:
    1. A Units field has been added to expedite the processing of multiple quantities when transactions are processed.
    2. The max units have been increased from 10 to 100.
    3. Modalities marked as deleted in ChiroPad no longer display.
  • NEW FEATURE - Tools > Letters: A Provider dropdown box has been added to allow the user to select which provider is sending the letter.
  • NEW FEATURE - Ledger: An option has been added to the search window to sort the ledger in Ascending or Descending order by date. This is a computer specific setting and must be set on each machine.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Open Process: For patients with expired insurance card information, a message is now displayed notifying the user that the insurance card has expired and under which policy.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Transactions - Transaction Pre-Check: This new AI concept looks for duplication among the transactions being saved to eliminate claim denials. Transactions with no CPT codes or categorized as a Product, are not checked.
  • NEW FEATURE - Patient Insurance Policies Window - Required Claim Information Verification: Verification rules have been implemented to ensure all required information to properly generate claims is entered. An option is available to not show the verification message.
  • UPDATED - Telephone Log:
    1. The telephone log list has been modified to now display the date and time of the log. The height of each row has been increased to allow for easier viewing and "at a glance" functionality.
  • UPDATED - Edit Receipt:
    1. Modified this window to eliminate instances where the amount of a line would incorrectly increase.
    2. Modified the save process for receipts that are associated with claims that could allow a user to post an amount greater than the amount due on a claim.
  • UPDATED - Quantity On Hand (QOH) for Products: This functionality has been redesigned to properly calculate and manage the QOH for products.
  • UPDATED - Claim Printing:
    1. This process has been updated to properly handle Carriers that have no address on file.
    2. If no City, State, and Zip exist for a Carrier, that part of the address line is left blank.
    3. Modified the size of the Signature and location it prints on the CMS-1500 (08-05) form for Box 31.
    4. ** NEW ** Option to Print Claim Number in Box 1A. This has been implemented for the CMS-1500 (08-05) form as well as the Internet Disk Image file.
    5. ** NEW ** Option to allow the user to specify that a claim should not be reprinted/resubmitted to a secondary carrier even when it is reassigned to the secondary insurance. This option is appropriate when Medicare is primary and automatically forwards claims to secondary carriers, so there is no need to submit the claim to the secondary.
    6. Modified the printing of Box 32b on the CMS-1500 (08-05) to consider the Box 32 Alternate option correctly.
    7. ** NEW ** Option to not print Box 32a and 32b when the coverage type is 'Medicare'.
  • UPDATED - Post Insurance Window:
    1. Additional modifications have been made to ensure that transactions being saved have an amount greater than 0.
    2. The Date of Entry (DOE) is now forced to be the same for all items being saved when the save button is clicked.
    3. When posting to multiple claims, the DOE is modified to force each transaction associated with each claim to show on separate receipts. This makes each receipt unique to the claim it is associated with.
    4. All Line Item financial transactions now display the Date of Service (DOS) of the Line Item they belong to as well as the Line number of the Line Item.
    5. Global Posting: Claims may now be queued by simply clicking the checkbox in the Queue column for the selected claim.
  • UPDATED - Tools > Insurance Manager > Pre-Billing:
    1. This tab now loads without having to click the Display button.
    2. This tab now stays up to date as changes are made during the pre-billing process which eliminates the need to keep clicking the Display button to view the remaining pre-billing items to be resolved.
    3. The pre-billing code has been modified to correctly address missing information in text fields.
    4. Pre-Billing Pop Up Window:
      • The list now displays items missing with the corresponding tab on the form that those items are located on.
      • The location of the window is now fixed to the bottom right corner of the program.
      • The width of the window has been increased for easier readability.
  • UPDATED - Claim Audit Process:
    1. This process has been modified to remove transactions with $0.00 amounts.
  • UPDATED - Patient Transactions:
    1. Digital Travel Card Message: This message now only displays if the digital travel card was generated on the same day as the transactions.
    2. NEW FEATURE - Transaction Selection By ID: Double left clicking the ID field no performs the functionality of selecting a new procedure from the pick list.
    3. NEW FEATURE - Assigned Column Entry: This column now has the ability to be changed by double left clicking or typing Y or N, to be assigned or non-assigned, respectively.
Prior Release Notes
Version 12
Versions 10 through 11.4