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ChiroSuite Version 11.4 December Update

Release Date: December 6, 2005
  • NEW UTILITY - Clean Training Database - This utility cleans out all of the training data from the Training site. For clients who have used the training site for live data, this tool retains all of your live data and copies the cleaned database from the Training site to the Main site. The databases in the Training and Main sites are both backed up prior to any work.
  • NEW UTILITY - Restore Factory Main Database - This utility restores the Main site to the state it was in when the software was installed, a backup is retained of the current Main site when this tool is run.
  • NEW FEATURE - Last Visit Date - The last visit date for patients is now stored within their file for improved performance throughout ChiroOffice and ChiroPad.
  • NEW UTILITY - Clean Patient Data - This utility cleans all patient data from the database allowing for multiple site clinics to share catalog information without have any patient data to clean up manually.
  • IMPROVED - The about screen now includes contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses to contact Life Systems.
  • NEW SECURITY FEATURE - Modify SOAP Notes - This permission has been extended to include deleting SOAP notes and modifying the properties of SOAP notes.
  • IMPROVED - Archive SOAP Notes for INACTIVE Patients - This utility has been redesigned to archive notes more efficiently and in larger batches. The database size is now tracked as well and the utility will automatically compact the database if necessary.
  • NEW FEATURE - Appointment Template Editor - The Appointment Template Editor now supports time slots up to 3 hours.
  • IMPROVED - Financial Statistic Report - This report has been modified to show Grand Totals as well as period totals for the period selected.
  • IMPROVED - Intelli$ense - This feature of ChiroOffice has been improved vastly to make Fee Schedules, Electronic Billing, Claim Submission and Insurance Processing much more efficient.
  • IMPROVED - Patients without Appointments Report - This report has been modified to account for patients who have never had an appointment.
  • IMPROVED - Date Last Seen (DLS) - This feature for Box 19 has been modified to display that date last seen prior to the claim creation date.
  • NEW UTILITY - Audit Claim Balances (OPEN) - This utility has been added to remove discrepancies caused by deleting transactions prior to version 11.4 November Update.
  • NEW FEATURE - Carrier Deductible Reset - This option has been added to the Carrier Catalog to apply a new deductible amount to all patients for that carrier to speed up processing of year end tasks.
  • NEW FEATURE - Type of Service selection has been extended to include:
    • D - Ambulance
    • E - Enteral/Parenteral Nutrients/Supplies
    • G - Immunosuppressive drugs
    • J - Diabetic shoes
    • K - Hearing items and Services
    • P - Purchase of New DME
    • Q - Vision items or Services
    • R - Rental of DME
    • S - Surgical dressing or other medical supplies
    • T - Psychological therapy
    • U - Occupational therapy
    • V - Pneumococcal/flu vaccine
    • W - Physical therapy
ChiroSuite Version 11.4 October Update

Release Date: October 31, 2005
  • IMPROVED - Pop-up messages will now display properly in both ChiroOffice and ChiroPad.
  • IMPROVED - The Remove Duplicate Transactions utility has been refined to be more detailed and to not remove transactions that came up as false positives.
  • NEW UTILITY - Groom ChiroSuite Data - This utility goes through all patient data ensuring it does not have extra spaces, does not contain any wrong characters, and is formatted properly. The following catalog information is also groomed to remove extra spaces and any unnecessary characters: Insurance Carriers, Providers, Attorneys, and Employers. Capitalization is also reset on all patient names to have the correct punctuation.
  • IMPROVED - The about screen now includes contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses to contact Life Systems.
  • IMPROVED - Patient Diagnosis History is now available from within the Patient's file under Assessment.
  • IMPROVED - When editing receipts, transactions with a quantity greater than 2 were improperly doubling the amount being charged. The Edit Receipt screen now displays the correct amount.
  • IMPROVED - Patients without Appointments Report - The report has been modified to include the factor of patients that have never had an appointment at all, thereby providing a more significant report.
ChiroSuite Version 11.4 July Update

Release Date: July 22, 2005
  • IMPROVED - Pop-up messages will now display properly in both ChiroOffice and ChiroPad.
  • IMPROVED - Clicking 'Properties' on Pop-ups in ChiroPad properly displays the properties for a pop-up message.
  • IMPROVED - The fax field in the Insurance Carrier Catalog has been expanded for larger numbers.
  • IMPROVED - An extra carriage when using the Blank 11a option from Medicare claims was removed.
  • NEW FEATURE - Box 4: 'Same' option for when Medicare is NOT primary and the Patient is insured.
  • NEW FEATURE - Box 7: 'Same' option for when a Patient is insured and Medicare is NOT Primary.
  • IMPROVED - Blank option to allow State filed to be cleared.
  • NEW FEATURE - Merge variables for Demo45 Last Seen Date and UPIN have been added for Medicare Demo Project information.
  • IMPROVED - Editing receipts display correctly when the amount in the Procedure Catalog is $0.00.
  • IMPROVED - Referring Physician Catalog no longer prompts to save when adding a new entry when there was not previously.
  • IMPROVED - Behavior of DX Series printing in Box 19 on the HCFA form.
ChiroSuite Version 11.4

Release Date: May 16, 2005
  • NEW FEATURE - A utility to Archive Inactive Patient SOAP notes has been added to the Database32 program. This utility is used in conjunction with the Pocket PC Active Patients tool. By archiving Inactive Patient SOAP notes, database usage is optimized.
  • NEW FEATURE - A utility to restore archived Inactive Patient SOAP notes has been added to restore SOAP for patients who have had their SOAP notes archived and are now no longer inactive. The Patient's chart number is used to restore the SOAP notes for the patient.
  • NEW FEATURE - A utility to remove Duplicate Archived Patient SOAP notes has been added.
  • NEW FEATURE - A new column has been added to the Scheduled and Signed-In Lists on the FrontDesk to show color coding by Plan.
  • NEW FEATURE - The default Patient Status on the FrontDesk is now saved in the system.
  • NEW FEATURE - For patients who have pictures on file, this picture is now available on the FrontDesk in the currently open patient section.
  • NEW FEATURE - Auto Search function has been added to the FrontDesk to speed up searching. When this box is checked, the software begins searching to matching criteria as you type. The default search is to enter your search term and press the 'Enter' key. The Auto Search option is saved in the system.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - The number of currently open patients has been increased to 10.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option has been added to set the maximum number of open patients from 3 to 10.
  • NEW FEATURE - A listbox for currently open patients has been added to accommodate the new maximum number of patients. The listbox also shows the number of active patients (patients that have their file open).
  • NEW FEATURE - Double clicking the Multiple Folder icon to the left of the Active Patients listbox now closes ALL open patient files.
  • NEW FEATURE - A merge variable for Date of Onset is now available.
  • IMPROVED - The Scan Documents Wizard has been updated to the same look and feel of the software.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - The 'Discipline' option in the Provider catalog has been expanded and now includes the following disciplines: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Dentist, Herbologist, Homeopath, Hypnotist, Massage Therapist, Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Nutrition Counselor, Osteopath, Physical Therapist, Podiatrist, Psychologist, and Social Worker. Physician has been removed from the list. The list has been ordered alphabetically to aid in finding the correct discipline. If your discipline is not listed, please email [email protected] to request for it to be added.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - The Report interface has been updated and expanded to allow for quick and easy access to all reports without having to "drill down" through multiple menu items. As well there is now a list for the top reports and the most commonly used reports.
  • New Reports are now available in ChiroPad that were only available in ChiroOffice.
  • NEW FEATURE - Utility to remove invalid double quote characters from ChiroPad checklists. Having double quotes in these items can cause the program to behave abnormally. This utility replaces double quotes with single quotes to prevent this from happening.
  • NEW FEATURE - When entering new items into ChiroPad checklists, only valid characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ',-) are allowed. This prevents double quote characters from being entered and possible causing the program to behave abnormally.
  • SECURITY FEATURE - In order to provide tighter security and better SOAP notes, a permission has been added to modify SOAP notes. By default this option is disabled and must be enabled through User Security.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - The Report interface has been updated and expanded to allow for quick and easy access to all reports without having to "drill down" through multiple menu items. As well there is now a list for the top reports and the most commonly used reports.
  • NEW FEATURE - The following lists the new reports added in this release:
    • Appointment Statistics
    • New Patient Statistics
    • Financial Statistics
    • Patients without Appointments
    • Referral Report
    • Diagnosis history
    • Diagnosis Statistics
  • FEATURE ENHANCMENT - The Claims Outstanding Report has been modified to include the Claim Type.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option has been added in the Insurance Carrier Catalog to specify an alternate file name for Insurance Carriers allowing for multiple Disk Image files to be created.
  • NEW FEATURE - Integration with TOPAZ Systems SigPlusT electronic signature system. This feature allows you to capture a patient's signature during checkout and ensures the transactions are verified by the patient.
  • NEW FEATURE - The Select Claims screen has been redesigned.
  • Improved - The transaction screen behavior has been updated. If a new transaction is being entered, then another patient's ledger is opened to edit a receipt, you are now prompted to save or discard the new transaction before editing another.
  • NEW FEATURE - The Provider ID is now available on the Post Insurance Screen.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option has been added in the Provider Catalog to specify a Provider specific Disk Image File.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - Insurance Carrier Catalog - Selecting a placeholder to add into Box 19 on the HCFA inserts the item into the Box 19 without having to click on the 'Insert'. The 'Insert' button has been removed.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option to show Diagnosis Codes 5 through 8 in Box 19 has been added to the Placeholder list in the Insurance Carrier Catalog.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option to show ALL Diagnosis Codes in Box 19 has been added to the Placeholder list in the Insurance Carrier Catalog.
  • NEW FEATURE - The diagnosis description is now available on the New York C-4 and HCFA-1500 forms.
  • NEW FEATURE - The new C-4 format (12/04) expanded Box 8. New functionality to support this has been added.
  • NEW FEATURE - Plan and Travel Card Information are now displayed in the Appointment window when setting new appointments.
  • Improved - Travel Card message now includes Last Updated Date and Time.
  • Improved - In the Insurance Policy Screen - Referring Physician Catalog - Add Space to State box to allow State to be blank.
  • NEW FEATURE - The current Diagnosis is now available on the Transaction screen.
  • NEW FEATURE - Collections now include Past Due Amount in the Due Amount field on the Patient Statement.
  • Improved - Behavior of Edit Receipt with multiple units.
  • Improved - The default behavior of the New Claims Select Screen has been improved.
ChiroSuite Version 11.3 Service Pack 2

Release Date: March 31, 2005
  • NEW FEATURE - Integration with TOPAZ Systems SigPlusT electronic signature system. This feature allows you to capture a patient's signature during checkout and ensures the transactions are verified by the patient.
  • NEW FEATURE - An option has been added to specify an alternate file name for Insurance Carriers allowing for multiple Disk Image files in the Insurance Carrier catalog.
ChiroSuite Version 11.3 Service Pack 1

Release Date: February 24, 2005
  • Improved - Input dialog for Popup messages has been extended to allow for more text.
  • NEW FEATURE - Popup messages are now available for patients from ChiroPad.
  • Updated - The Name field for checked in Patients has been expanded to allow for a total of 50 characters.
  • Updated - Scheduled patient list on the Front Desk now includes the Provider by default.
  • Updated - Scanned Documents: Selection for existing documents now supports Microsoft Word (.DOC) and Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) formats.
  • Updated - JPG is now the default file type when adding existing documents.
  • Improved - Appointment Schedule Report now displays properly when the report is exactly one page in length.
  • Improved - Opening the Appointment window now properly shows the appointment schedule at the top of the screen.
  • Improved - Behavior of Diagnosis Patterns.
  • Improved - SOAP notes can now be exported without first having to preview the notes.
  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT - The Appointment Template editor has been redesigned for a more user friendly feel and a smoother workflow.
  • Improved - Patients Statements have been updated and now clearly show the balance owed by both Insurance and Patient.
  • Improved - The file generated fo the EZ Call system now is saved with a constant file name.
  • NEW FEATURE - Transaction Ledger: An option has been added to save the date selection.
  • Improved - Behavior of claims printed from the Post Insurance screen. Claims are no longer being left queued unnecessarily.
  • Updated - Visitometer: Visit counter records are now removed when an Insurance policy is removed.
  • Improved - Appointment Schedule no longer allows a Potential Patient Appointment to be mistakenly resolved.
  • Improved - 'Services by CPT' report: Services now display in the correct category.
  • Improved - Option to leave Box 11a blank if the patient is the insured.
ChiroSuite Version 11.3

Release Date: December 8, 2004
  • Improved - Input dialog for Popup messages has been extended to allow for more text.
  • NEW FEATURE - Popup messages are now available for patients from ChiroPad.
  • Updated - The Name field for checked in Patients has been expanded to allow for a total of 50 characters.
  • NEW FEATURE - Added preference to always include DX in the SOAP note, Force the Diagnosis.
  • Improved - Narratives now show the patient's last name with title.
  • Updated - When generating X-Ray reports, Impressions were not matching the findings for dislocation, this has been updated to match properly.
  • NEW FEATURE - X-Ray Report findings are now optionally available in SOAP Notes.
  • Improved - Generating X-Ray Reports sometimes duplicated findings and randomly inserted 'Anklosis', this behavior has been improved and no longer occurs.
  • NEW FEATURE - Menu items for SOAP Note Batch Printing and DocEditor have been added to the Tools menu.
  • NEW FEATURE - Exporting SOAP notes are now available from the print window and does not require going to the preview screen.
  • Added - The new format for the New York C4 Form (6/04).
  • Improved - Box 10 on the C-4 form now prints regardless of the MMI setting.
  • Improved - The C-4 form now supports printing Digitized Signatures.
  • NEW FEATURE - A new report to show income by CPT code has been added in Tools -> Reports -> Financial
  • Updated - The Patient Master List has been expanded to 2 reports, one for demographic information including email, and another for financial information.
  • NEW FEATURE - Menu items for Patient Statements and the SmartPad Template Editor have been added to the Tools menu.
  • NEW FEATURE - A menu item for Audit Balances has been added to the Tools menu under the Utilities submenu.
  • NEW FEATURE - A menu item for Statistics has been added to the Tools menu under the Reports -> Financial submenu.

ChiroOffice Release Notes Version 11.2 ServicePack 2

ChiroOffice:  November 3, 2004


    •  New Feature - An option was added to duplicate Box 32 on HCFA for all insurance companies.
    •  New Feature - An option was added to use the Claim Created date in Box 31 on HCFA.

ChiroOffice Release Notes Version 11.2 ServicePack 1

ChiroOffice:  October 14, 2004


    •  Updated - Appointment Call Interface for new Appointment Call version.
    •  Improved - Internals of Transaction handling to aid in preventing known issues.
    •  Improved - All merge variables not previously available throughout ChiroOffice are now available in all areas of the software.
    •  Updated - Behavior of date fields on C-4 tab of Insurance Policies Screen. Date fields on screen now use the SmartDate class. Dates entered as 00-00-0000 now print blank.
    •  Improved - Sorting functionality of 'Upcoming Appointments' report to sort by appointment date.
    •  Updated - Behavior of SmartSelect for 'Patient Letters.' Previously patients matching criteria would show up multiple times, this has been corrected and each patient now shows only once.
    •  Updated - The "DeleteCheckoutPatient" error message was showing improperly.

ChiroPad / ChiroOffice Release Notes Version 11.2

ChiroOffice:  May 28, 2004
ChiroPad:  May 28, 2004


  • Improved - Representing attorney fields in 'Patient Information' that are not editable are now grey.
  • Corrected - 'Patient Information' would stay open after editing the referral types list.
  • Corrected - Font size changed part of the way through the 'Carrier Patients' Report. Font size is now consistent.
  • Improved - Document Scanning behavior changed to allow better functionality when scanning from a workstation.
  • Improved - Advanced Document Scanning behavior has been updated.
  • Improved - Multipage documents are scanned into PDF format to allow for more flexibility.
  • Corrected - Scrollbar behavior with 'Diagnosis Patterns'.
  • Improved - Behavior of the Range Of Motion window.
  • Improved - Clicking 'Next' button after editing a prior note behaves correctly.
  • Corrected - Customizing Activities of Daily Living: Clicking add, undo, then add no longer causes an error.
  • Improved - Appearance of Range Of Motion in Narratives.
  • Corrected - Typo in Modality goals in factory verbiage.
  • Corrected - Insurance Carrier Catalog: 'Insured' box mislabeled was 'boxes 4 and 7', now 'box 9.'
  • Improved - Insurance merge variable for use with letters.
  • Improved - Quantity field correctly affects the total amount field in 'Transactions.'
  • Improved - Adding and removing tax behavior.
  • Improved - Option for uppercase claims.
  • Improved - Behavior of Signature type field for boxes 12 and 13 on HCFA.
  • Improved - Behavior of 'Plan' in 'Appointment' window.
  • Improved - All future appointments report now excludes cancelled appointments.
  • Improved - Box 11 now prints correctly in PCACE32 format.

ChiroPad / ChiroOffice Release Notes Version 11.1 (includes 11.0)

ChiroOffice:  February 15, 2004
ChiroPad:  February 15, 2004


  • Improved - Modified user interface: To help increase efficiency, buttons that were on the top of the screen have been moved into a vertical menu.
    Toolbars that were on the right of the screen have now been moved to the top of the screen.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Document Scanning/Management: Users can now scan in documents/images and associate them with Patients.
    All scanned documents/images are managed directly through the software; no third-party software is required.
  • *NEW FUNCTIONALITY* - Added new fields to the Patient Personal tab in Patient Information to accommodate Cell Phone and Fax numbers.
  • Removed unused fields in the Patient Personal tab.
  • EZCall message field in the Patient Information under the Financial tab now saves correctly.
  • Improved saving behavior of the Preferences utility.
  • Improved Diagnosis Master List to include ID as well as Description and ICD codes.
  • Popup Messages are now optionally shown in both ChiroPad and ChiroOffice or Both.
  • Improved behavior of Provider Catalog when saving.
  • When appointments are moved, the proper number of slots is correctly retained.
  • Improved behavior of 'invisible' grid on returning to the Diagnosis screen.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Ability to display a patient photo in the Patient General window.
  • Improved - Appointment Schedule Report: An option has been added to show or hide the Chart number;
    Remarks printing twice have been corrected and now print properly.
  • Added a horizontal scrollbar to the Narrative window to allow scrolling of the narrative report.
  • Improved SOAP note export: Now uses the same interface as printing a note, includes header and footer information.
  • Improved behavior of newly generated reports to show in front of ChiroPad.
  • Eliminated error message caused by deleting complaints in the Subjective screen.
  • Improved printing behavior of box 7 on the internet disk image format.
  • Improved next appointment field on Transaction screen: widened to display the entire date and time.
  • * NEW FUNCTIONALITY * - Insurance information is now available to merge on letters from the SmartPad Template editor.
  • Improved behavior of units on the New York State Workers Comp (C-4) form.
  • * NEW FUNCTIONALITY * - Added option to disable the provider PIN in box 33 on a per carrier basis.
  • Improved behavior of box 11 on HCFA regarding "n/a"
  • Improved behavior of boxes 12 and 13 on HCFA. Both boxes now print properly based on a setting in the carrier catalog.
  • Improved Post Insurance window, users are now prompted to save changes when closing.

ChiroPad 2003 / ChiroOffice 2003 Release Notes Version 10.4

ChiroOffice:  November 15, 2003
ChiroPad:  November 15, 2003

ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:

  • Improved - Attendant: All users are now required to have a password.
  • Improved - Attendant: Users can no longer 'Log Out' of the Attendant.
  • Improved - Front Desk: Check boxes are now more visible.
  • Improved - Front Desk: The open patient button now uses the currently visible patient list.
  • Improved - Front Desk: Changed 'Refresh Schedule' icon from binoculars to 'Refresh' button.
  • Improved: Enforced consistent size on all Date fields for better record keeping.
  • Improved - Diagnosis: Optimized fields in database.
  • Improved - Catalogs: Reorganized catalog list and removed unnecessary items.
  • Improved - ROM: The behavior of the Range Of Motion screen has been improved. Users will now be prompted to save changes if any changes are made.
  • Improved - Prebilling: Restricted pre-billing to information actually used in billing. Also modified descriptions to match box labels.
  • Improved - Appointment Schedule Report: Patient chart number will now show up on the report.
  • Improved - Line Item Posting: Improved behavior of non-assigned claims in Line Item Posting.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Florida PIP Requirement: Option added to allow license number to be printed in box 31 of the HCFA form.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Acute Exacerbation: This is now an available nature of illness in the Insurance Policies window.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Preferences: Added option to use clinic name on statement in place of provider name.
  • *NEW FEATURE* - Reports: Added upcoming appointment report. Run from transaction window.

ChiroPad 2003 / ChiroOffice 2003 Release Notes Version 10.3

ChiroOffice:  July 30, 2003
ChiroPad:  July 30, 2003


  • Added new functionality to SOAP Note template to include merge variables.
  • Added the option to disable reminders.
  • Added new option for international date usage on printed SOAP notes.
  • Added patient DOB to Claims Outstanding report.
  • Added year to DOS in Claims Outstanding report.
  • Added year to DOS in Post insurance window.
  • Improved receivables by type report.
  • DOS will be included in remark for LIP.
  • Added provider column to post insurance window.
  • Patient master list will display where clause from smart select.
  • 'Patient currently working' correctly affects the save button when changed.
  • Time in and time out recorded with patient appointment.
  • DX modifier will print on HCFA if entered.
  • DXRelation field in transaction screen to override default dx relation.
  • Improved service count in statistics report.

ChiroPad 2003 / ChiroOffice 2003 Release Notes  Version 10.2 (includes 10.1)

ChiroOffice:  April 15, 2003
ChiroPad:  April 15, 2003

ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:

  • We now support the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system.
  • Improved 'Continue adding patients' checkbox in the Add New Patient window.
  • *NEW FEATURE* A visit count field has been added to the Front Desk: Now you can match your patient sign-in sheet to your currently scheduled appointments.
  • Improved 'Obsolete Message' to be less obtrusive and function more efficiently.
  • Improved Phone field for active patients on the Front Desk.
  • Removed maximize button from the attendant.
  • *NEW FEATURE* 'User Defined Information' window from the Add New Patient form, including customizable captions:

  • *NEW FEATURE* Added a Patient Visit timer: Now you can run your office more efficiently by knowing how long each visit takes

  • Improved 'Transaction Recap' function: When selecting 'Transaction Recap', transactions are now processed better.
  • *NEW FEATURE* Added the option to 'Sort by Provider' in claims select: In the "Claims Outstanding" this filter was added to provide for more efficient claims to be selected for specific providers.
  • *NEW FEATURE* Added the ability to create claims by provider: When you create a batch of claims, you are now prompted to select a provider, the default is to select all providers
  • *NEW FEATURE* Added ability to print claim submission history: Now you can not only view claim submission history, but you can print it as well.
  • Improved the Quantity behavior of the SALT button The SALT button behavior has been modified to provide better functionality when procedures that are used multiple times are calculated.
  • *NEW FEATURE* Added the option to disable printing of provider name in box 33: Pennsylvania Medicare, only wished to have the Company Name in box 33 of the HCFA-1500 form without the Provider name. This option is now available to you.
  • Modified statistics report; added a new function 'Number of Services' In the Practice Statistics, along with the dollar amount and percentage per Service/Product, the total number of that service now shows up as well. For example:
    Adjustment (55)
    30.00 0.5%
    123.45 0.4%
    153.45 0.9%
  • *NEW FEATURE* Added a new report for 'Receivables by Account Type: With the addition of this new report you are now able to provide more accurate statistics detail for your practice.
  • Improved Behavior of the Claim Digest window: In the past it was still possible to modify Line Items without proper permissions, this has been improved to provide better security to your patient data.

ChiroPad 2003 / ChiroOffice 2003 Release Notes  Version 10.0

ChiroOffice:  October 17, 2002
ChiroPad:  October 17, 2002

  • ChiroOffice:  The TOSR button (time of service reduction) now changes responsibility to patient for all transactions, considering the patient is paying a discounted cash amount at the time of service.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The Chiro Suite Attendant now provides an upgrade notice for Windows NT 4.0 user(s).  Source:  the absolute very last doctor in the entire user base on Windows NT 4.0 who still refuses to upgrade from Windows NT 4.0, which was released almost 7 years ago in 1996, who would greatly benefit by spending $95 with Microsoft to upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition.  (If you don't work in Gresham Oregon, you do not have Windows NT 4.0 and you are not affected by this message.)
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The Chiro Suite standard error message handler now includes a print button for easy submission to technical support. 
  • ChiroPad:  The missing progress notes report now references the newly implemented Rich Text Format database.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  Catalog browser ribbon toolbar now "forces" company name as the default search item irrespective of the combo selection. 
  • ChiroPad:  The tab positions in the factory template for note printing has a minor change since the Summer 2002 release.  All range of motion entries are expected to be in alignment with all versions, with the exception of users who attempted to align range of motion findings manually with the space bar. 
  • ChiroOffice:  The "negotiated payment agreement" is newly added to the financial window to describe payment agreements with patients.  Ideally, the language of this agreement should memorialize your conversation with the patient, so that the patient recognizes the agreement as his own words.  If a patient has a negotiated payment agreement, it will appear on the patient statement.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad:  Popup messages and projects have been newly inherited from ChiroOffice.  They are available under the Patient dropdown menu.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad:  Insurance policies have been newly inherited from ChiroOffice for the doctor to review policy information.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  RecipientCatalog is a newly added merge field for defining merge letters.  It will popup a choice of attorneys, employers, or referring physicians to address a letter on demand.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  Insurance claim submission history.  Effective after installation of Version 10.0, each claim records its date/time and form type when it is submitted.  This can be viewed by right-clicking on a claim (in post insurance or claim registry), choosing "properties" and clicking "submit history". 
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  A message now reminds users to upgrade to at least 128MB if inadequate memory is detected. 
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The "all" button has been added to the catalog browser.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  The patient accounting ledger now resizes all display controls to the maximized size of the ChiroOffice frame window. 
  • ChiroOffice:  The SALT (same as last time) button now includes the modifier and quantity, and the SALT button clears the receipt before refreshing. 
  • ChiroOffice:  CPT Modifiers from Procedure Catalog are loaded by default on Transaction window.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  Appointment blackout schedules implemented.  The following user guidelines apply:  1. You can only set or remove a blackout time frame when in a specific provider display. (Setting or removing when in composite view is not allowed, primarily because a user wouldn't reliably read the ending time for the appropriate provider.) 2. To set a blackout period, make sure a specific provider is selected. Then touch the beginning time. Hold the SHIFT key and touch the ending time (using standard Windows multi-select behavior). Then right-click over the time column and choose the menu item "Blackout Selected Range". You may also blackout a single time period by right-clicking and choosing "Blackout Selected Range". The blackout period will be indicated by a black background with green text. Anyone who used a computer terminal in the 1980's will appreciate this black/green reminiscence. 3. To delete a blackout period, move the mouse to the patient or treatment plan column and right-click over the initial "Blackout" comment. Choose "Reactivate Blackout Range". 4. Note that you may be blacking out a period that already has patients scheduled. The idea is to now identify those patients who may be scheduled in the blackout period, and re-schedule their appointments by moving to another time, or resolving them and rescheduling for another day. 5. The blackout schedules will be displayed in the all/composite view. It is likely to see alternate black, blue & white lines on an as-available basis. 6. It is worth re-iterating that the blackout schedules are displayed in all modes, but can only be set or removed when displaying a specific provider's appointment schedule.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The front desk display now tolerates a default setting for an inactive provider.  This previously caused an error message if a provider was inactivated and then the front desk window was displayed.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  The HCFA1500 printing supports printing the name suffix.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The referring physician catalog has been added.  Refer to RecepientCatalog merge field item for addressing on-demand letters.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  The factory default paper insurance form type is letter-sized HCFA1500.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  The statement print routine now properly aligns a multi-line patient address/suite/apartment.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroOffice:  The appointment log can now be printed from an individual patient's appointment history.  Click the first appointment, press SHIFT, click the last appointment, and then right click to "print appointment log".  Remember:  the appointment log is only the information typed when attempting to resolve an appointment.  This is popularly needed for personal injury cases to ensure a patient is receiving consistent care.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  The appointment history for an entire day was incorrectly aborting display if a potential patient appointment was encountered.  This is now corrected.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  Appointment resolution alerts were not displaying at their due time.  The appointment resolution alerts are now activated.  Most users will want to use the "suppress appointment resolution popups", EXCEPT for the front desk user who follows up on the appointments.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  Security has been added for completing immediate popup messages.  The office manager should define this security setting in Start->Programs->Chiro Suite->User Security.  By default, no user has permission to complete an immediate message.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad / ChiroOffice:  By default, user icons are now placed in the common user profile so that the installation need not be run for all user profiles.  Source:  [email protected]
  • ChiroPad:  When displaying modalities in the plan window, spaces were occasionally displayed for inactive modalities.  This is now resolved. 
  • ChiroPad:  Right clicking over the modality or region list in the plan window displays the context menu to customize the appropriate list. 
  • ChiroOffice:  The appointment window prints the description of the treatment plan macro instead of the macro itself.