"I have used this software for the last 17 years. Life Systems stands out for its continual upgrades, system software advancements and keeping current in the constantly changing world."
— Donald J. Hensley, D.C.

"We love this program. Easy to learn; expedites notes, coding and filing."
— Larry Grinder, D.C.

"ChiroPad has opened up my day by freeing me to work for people instead of paper work. It is professional and easy, a no brainer. I would choose it again"
— Eric B. Levin, D.C.

"This system makes documentation a piece of cake. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too. They do a great job with support. As far as I am concerned, this is by far the best chiropractic software out there."
— Stephen Murray, D.C.

"I have used ChiroPad over the past 12 years and my office notes are second to none. I particularly like being able to send notes at a moments notice, whether for one day, or the whole year."
— Imanuel Morenings, D.C.

"Of all the great features in ChiroSuite the feature I love the most is the way your software bills Medicare; along with your recommended third party billing company nothing is easier. Thank you so much for a great program!"
— Mary Furry, Furry Chiropractic, Office Manager

"Using ChiroPad in my practice has been a great solution to a big problem, Patient Notes. Now, I take my pocket PC into the room with a patient and do their notes right then. I used to take home 50 charts a night, now I go home without homework. Chiropad also streamlined my narrative, X-ray, and MRI reports by having all the patients’ documents in one place. The notes produced by ChiroPad are extremely professional looking and chock full of supporting evidence to justify treatment, and best of all, they don't look computer generated! ChiroPad is must for any busy DC!!!"
— Mel Youngs, D.C., P.A.

"As you know I have been using one version or another of your Chiropad Software since 1993... From fellow D.C.s and M.D.s to attorneys reviewing cases, they all have commented at one point about the quality and clarity of my patient notes. I estimate this fact alone has saved me thousands of dollars a year in rejected claims."
— Gregg Hoogeveen, D.C., C.C.S.P