Chiropractic EMR SOAP Notes Software

If you still do your SOAP notes documentation by hand, you're losing valuable time and energy with each patient. ChiroPad EMR allows you to focus on your patients--and not your pad and pen--during your important time with them. And only ChiroPad EMR software gives you the software stability, consistency, and quality that you need when it comes to turning in your documentation for review.

Brought to you by Life Systems Software, the leaders in chiropractic EHR/EMR software, ChiroPad EMR gives you unprecedented power and options. Random text generation with 47 randomized grammatical depths means that every report has a dictated and unique feel to it. You can greatly reduce rejected claims with this gold standard in chiropractic EMR software.

ChiroPad EMR also features 196 context-sensitive graphical anatomy regions, voice capture abilities using Dragon Medical dictation software, embedded ink notes, and document scanning so your office can move toward a paperless existence. ChiroPad EMR also integrates completely with ChiroOffice to give you and your staff unparalleled savings on time, and ultimately, on your bottom line.

To see just how ChiroPad EMR can reduce the time and headaches associated with SOAP note documentation, take a virtual tour of the software today. For 2 decades, Life Systems Software has been dedicated to the chiropractic profession, offering the most complete solutions for your office's efficiency. Take advantage of the industry's most advanced EHR/EMR software for a forward-thinking future.