Take advantage of the latest in chiropractic office software with ChiroOffice from Life Systems Software. Designed for all practice sizes, from small single doctor offices to large multi-disciplinary, multi-doctor, and multi-clinic settings, ChiroOffice streamlines tasks from scheduling to insurance processing, allowing your staff to better manage their work load in a fraction of the time. See today why ChiroOffice earned a Readers Choice Top 100 Award from DC Product Review.

A busy office is often busy, at least in part, because systems are not as integrated and automated as they could be. With ChiroOffice, your staff will work more efficiently, allowing them to provide each patient with better service in the process. ChiroOffice's 32 and 64 bit applications means that it can take full advantage of your Windows 7 technology while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy systems such as Windows XP. It's an easy installation that will change the way your office runs.
Automate and streamline your appointment scheduling, patient billing, fee scheduling, insurance processing, call logging, patient letter generation, document scanning, project management, and more, all in one application. There's no jumping from system to system to cobble together a software solution. ChiroOffice makes it all simple and eliminates time-consuming redundancies.

ChiroOffice will let you reduce paper and move toward an office that runs on a fraction of the effort and staff time that it has in the past. Staff members will better understand each other's jobs and can cross-train easily when everyone uses the same intelligent software application. Take a virtual tour of ChiroOffice today to see the chiropractic office software of today and tomorrow. Then read some of our glowing testimonials from DCs who have switched to ChiroOffice. Try ChiroOffice and you'll be a believer, too.

X-Charge Credit Card Processing   Integration
Integrated credit/debit card processing is now available within your ChiroSuite EHR/ChiroOffice Software. With this embedded feature, you can process credit/debit card payments right from your point-of-sale screen. This software processes through your internet connection eliminating the need for terminals and an additional phone line. The software eliminates the need to reconcile transaction reports and batches out automatically. By using a single integrated system you can work more effectively and cut out receipts making your office paperless.

Benefits Include:
                   • Support for all major credit/debit card types
                   • Combined sales and credit/debit card receipts
                   • Eliminate bulky and costly charge card terminals
                   • Process payment transactions in under 5 seconds