Paraphrase:  Drag & drop narrative report builder     The easiest boiler plate narrative builder you'll ever use - ever!  Drag & drop ease along with
    random text generation...   

    Compatible with:*
  • Microsoft Office products
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Corel Word Perfect
  • Supported by ChiroPad and most competing SOAP & narrative products.>
  • Virtually any contemporary text editor application
  • * Compatible with most modern applications which support OLE drag & drop events - nearly all text editing applications available today.

If you are among the majority of chiropractors who create your narrative reports using a word processing application such as Microsoft Office or Corel Word Perfect, you'll appreciate the simplicity and power of Paraphrase®. 

View quick Paraphrase sample.

Paraphrase® is a powerful phrase template manager that groups text of unlimited length (phrases, sentences, paragraphs, even chapters of reference) for easy selection.

  • Unlimited user defined categories.
  • Unlimited user defined text items within each category.
  • Mnemonics up to 50 characters display in the list to provide you a brief reminder of the text that's available for drag events.
  • Convenient sorting of categories and text items to keep your favorite entries within view.
  • Size and position Paraphrase® for the optimal user preference.  Paraphrase® remembers its position so the next time you use it, it will appear in the same location.
  • Paraphrase® is a drag source for quickly building narrative reports.  During the drag operation, Paraphrase® "auto-hides" such that you have complete view of your document.  When you drop the text, Paraphrase® will reappear, ready for your next selection!  Very, very nice!
  • Paraphrase® is a drag object for quickly adding text from your favorite text editing application.
  • Random text generation, when defined, to give your document a custom written appearance.
  • Default punctuation for each text item to make dragging & dropping in your document virtually edit-free.
  • Check out the photo below showing Paraphrase® being used with Microsoft Word.

Paraphrase® is built to give you years of rock-solid use.  Its small memory requirements provides exceptional performance even on lower performance laptop computers.

Paraphrase® is economically priced at $99.  Place your order today by calling 800.543.3001 or e-mail [email protected] and we will contact you!