Meaningful Use Certification (Inactive)

ChiroSuite EHR was previously certified to the 2014 Edition. As of June 30th 2020, 2014 Edition certificate is no longer considered active.

Vendor Name Life Systems Software
Certified EHR Name ChiroPad EMR
Certified EHR Version 18
InfoGard Certification # IG-3265-16-0037
Certification Date February 8, 2017
Ceritification Complete
Practice Setting Ambulatory
Requirements Edition 2014
Clinical Quality Measures CMS50 v3, CMS69 v3, CMS117 v3, CMS123 v3, CMS125 v3, CMS126 v3, CMS131 v3, CMS134 v3, CMS138 v3, CMS139 v3, CMS146 v3, CMS147 v4, CMS155 v3, CMS165 v3, CMS166 v4
Additional Software Required DrFirst Rcopia (requires paid subscription)
Updox (requires paid subscription)
MS Excel