Setting Up Appointment Time Slots using the Appointment Template Editor

Appointment book time slots are arbitrary.  Some offices may have 3 time slots for each 15 minutes, while other offices may have 4 time slots each 10 minutes.  The objective of using time slots is to avoid congestion in the patient waiting room, so time slots are generally considered with respect to the time that the doctor actually spends with the patient service.

Step 1:  
1. Open the Appointment Template Editor  
      a. Click Start > All Programs > Chiro Suite > Appointment Template Editor .  
      b. For each provider, define the number of time slots desired for Potential Patient Slots .

Step 2:  
When defining the time slot values, a maximum number of time slots should be defined before the lunch break.  This will capture any overbooking such that the afternoon schedule will begin normally.  The user may delete a single time by selecting it and right clicking and choosing Delete .  The user may generate a single time slot with the maximum time slot defined, select and right click to Add it to the schedule. 

Step 3:  
From ChiroOffice's dropdown menu, choose Tools > Catalogs >Procedures .  Next, choose the Treatment Plans button from the top toolbar.  Click each Treatment Plan in the list and click the Edit button.  Define the time slot value for each treatment plan.  Note:  The user can override these default values when setting the appointment .

Step 4:  
Go to the Appointment window.  You will see the number of open slots, as well as the number of slots consumed by a particular appointment.  Right click over an appointment to edit it or to change the number of time slots.