Creating an Internet Disk Image

First open ChiroOffice
1. Click  Tools > Insurance Manager.
2. Select the Pre-Billing tab.
3. Click the Display button
4. Right click on items in the list and select Complete missing information... to get patients as complete as possible. This does not have to be perfect, but the user should complete the easy ones and move ahead with billing.
5. Select the Claim Registry tab.
6. Click the Create button (new = green starburst) to create all claims. This creates all claims whether Internet Disk Image, HCFA-1500, New York C4 form, etc.
7. To display the desired claim type choose Internet Disk Image from the Type dropdown list.
8. Press the Save button (floppy disk icon) to create the Internet Disk Image file.

By default, the file will be named CLAIMS.EFT and will be stored on the computer that serves the data file. The default path (on the file server) is C:\Program Files\Chirosoft\Data\Main\CLAIM.EFT . Submit this file with your Electronic Claims Submission (ECS) software provided by your ECS vendor.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3