Preview ChiroSuite Schedule

The ChiroSuite Schedule allows office staff to Schedule and manage appointments through an intuitive user interface. It has different view modes such as day, week, work week, and month view to display appointments in. It also provides support to drag and drop an appointment from one time slot to another time slot.

Monthly View

Weekly View

Custom View

Control click the dates to select different dates next to each other. Or left click and drag the move over several dates to select them.

Supported Features

  • Select multiple dates to view side by side
  • Drag and drop appointment from one time slot to another, same day or another day
  • Specify end time
  • Background color based on selection on the Treatment plan catalog

Current Limitations

  • Does not support adding multiple plans
  • Recurring feature is not available
  • Appointment resolution notes are not available at this time.
  • Cannot filter by Provider